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Set in a version of Hyrule long covered by a gigantic body of water, the last vestiges of society mete out existence on islands which dot the ocean.

You'll navigate the waterways thanks to a magic talking boat, explore some of the best dungeons the series has to offer, and learn the secret ties its story shares with the Ocarina of Time.

Minish Cap might not have been as long as other Zelda titles, but it's no less rewarding.

Platform: Nintendo 3DS Release Date: 2011 Ocarina of Time is one of the most historically important games of all time.

Letting you physically wield the Master Sword thanks to the Wii Remote's Motion Plus adapter, Skyward Sword's motion controls offer innovative new ways to tackle old problems.

The story rewinds back to the beginning of the saga, revealing the origins of many of the series' most time-worn tropes, and its lush pastel shades belie a world which finds itself perpetually on the cusp of ruin.

Minish Cap introduced gamers to Ezlo, one of our favorite side characters in the series, and one that had the power to shrink Link.

Platform: Wii U Release Date: 2013 Proving that a great aesthetic can outshine realism every time, Wind Waker remains one of the most beloved games in the series.

Transform into a wolf, utilize some of the series' most interesting tools (the spinner remains one of my personal favorites), and explore the dark side of a world that looks like the Japanese anime take on Tim Burton's earliest work.

The HD version on the Wii U fixes many of the original's biggest problems (no more required cow herding! Platform: Game Boy Advance Release Date: 2004 After Capcom and its subsidiary Flagship proved itself worthy of the Zelda franchise with the Oracle games, the developers returned with the even better Minish Cap.

In order to prevent imminent disaster, he must repeatedly live out the same three days, all while the town's inhabitants adhere to their daily schedules.

You'll slowly piece together riddles and make permanent changes to your routine that help bring you closer to saving the world from apocalyptic doom.Platform: Nintendo 3DS Release Date: 2015 Majora's Mask arrived in Japan a mere 18 months after the release of the Ocarina of Time (which came out in 1998), and while it may reuse a lot of assets from the N64 classic, it's easily one of the strangest and most experimental Zelda game ever made.

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